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Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT)

Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT, pronounced “Equate”) is a grassroots, nonviolent social action group founded by Quakers and inclusive of people of all faiths or no faith, who join with millions of people around the world fighting for our threatened planet.

Earth Quaker Action Team yearns to move toward a place of integrity and right relationship with ourselves, the Religious Society of Friends, and within our global community. The enormity of the problem we call climate change is daunting. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has just hit an all-time high of 400 parts per million, which scientists say the Earth has not seen in 3 million years – prior to the emergence of humans. We face certain catastrophic harm to the commonwealth of life if we do not take immediate action.

We call on people of all faiths to confront boldly those who would profit from the destruction of nature, and who think nothing of endangering human health and well being.

Bank Like Appalachia Matters! (BLAM!)

Our current campaign is BLAM! — a strategic effort to get PNC Bank out of the business of financing mountaintop removal coal mining. We use nonviolent direct action to shine the light on PNC Bank’s lead role as one of the primary financiers of this devastating surface mining practice which has destroyed more than 500 mountains and 2,000 miles of river and streambed in Appalachia.

In this campaign, we are committed to taking the profit out of financing climate change.



Location: 4510 Kingsessing Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143

National Organization for Women (NOW)

As the grassroots arm of the women’s movement, the National Organization for Women is dedicated to its multi-issue and multi-strategy approach to women’s rights. NOW is the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States, with hundreds of thousands of contributing members and more than 500 local and campus affiliates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

NOW’s priorities are winning economic equality and securing it with an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will guarantee equal rights for women; championing abortion rights, reproductive freedom and other women’s health issues; opposing racism; fighting bigotry against the LGBTQIA community; and ending violence against women.

NOW activists use both traditional and non-traditional means to push for social change. NOW activists do extensive electoral and lobbying work and bring lawsuits. We also organize mass marches, rallies, pickets, non-violent civil disobedience and immediate, responsive “zap” actions. NOW re-instituted mass marches for women’s rights in the face of conventional wisdom that marches went out with the 1960s. In 2004, the March for Women’s Lives became the largest mass action of any kind in U.S. history, bringing a record 1.15 million people to Washington, DC to advocate for women’s reproductive health options.




Location: 1500 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 1130, Philadelphia, PA, 19102

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)

fcnlFounded in 1943 by members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), FCNL’s nonpartisan, multi-issue advocacy connects historic Quaker testimonies on peace, equality, simplicity, and truth with peace and social justice issues. FCNL fields the largest team of registered peace lobbyists in Washington, DC.

FCNL is involved in many areas of advocacy, including peace, justice, communities and environment, from subjects as diverse as nuclear disarmament to sustainable energy, and has the following opportunities for young adults:

Young Fellows Program

© 2014 Friends Committee on National Legislation

Recent college graduates spend 11 months working with key staff members at FCNL to build expertise in advocacy from a public interest perspective. Applications are due February 17, 2020 for the program beginning in August 2020.

Summer Internship

Work at FCNL’s office in Washington, DC throughout June and July to advance our witness for peace on Capitol Hill. FCNL offers several paid summer internships that provide a broad introduction to federal policy, grassroots organizing, and nonprofit management.

Application Deadline: March 18, 2020
Program: June-July 2020

Advocacy Corps

© 2014 Friends Committee on National Legislation
© 2014 Friends Committee on National Legislation

The Advocacy Corps is a 9 month-long program where young adults between the ages of 19-30 get paid to organize their local community around federal legislation. Advocacy Corps organizers connect local activists and leaders with their local member of Congress to affect big, long-term change. During the course of this program, Advocacy Corps organizers learn critical organizing skills and put them into practice with hands-on leadership experience.




Phone: 202-547-6000

Location: 245 Second Street NE, Washington, DC 20002