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Americans for Democratic Action

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) is one of the oldest liberal political organizations in the country. It was founded in 1947 by Eleanor Roosevelt, John Kenneth Galbraith, former Senator and Vice President Hubert Humphrey, and the late Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

From its national base in Washington, D.C., ADA lobbies and works for liberal ideals and liberal candidates, and such progressive issues as Universal healthcare, A Woman’s right to Choose, Arms Control and Disarmament, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights, Sensible Gun Control, Public Education, an End to Hate Crimes and Discrimination, an end to the Iraq War, and Good Government.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of ADA, based in Philadelphia, works to unite for common counsel and action progressive forces in the Philadelphia metropolitan area who are concerned with the preservation and extension of democracy. We dedicate ourselves, as an organization of progressives, to the achievement of freedom and economic security for all peoples everywhere through education and advocacy. We strive to be a watchdog for Good Government and Sustainable Planning.

To accomplish our goals and keep its almost 1000 members informed about liberal candidates and issues, we meet candidates for the purpose of informing our membership of their positions. In addition, we hold public forums, meetings, and discussions to bring progressive issues and candidates to the attention of a wider audience.




Location: 1735 Market Street, Suite A495, Philadelphia, PA 19103