The Center for Returning Citizens

Updated 11/1/2019

The Center for Returning Citizens (TCRC) assists returning citizens in the transition from incarceration to society by providing job training, housing assistance, counseling services, legal aid, and referrals. TCRC helps individuals, families and communities with the adverse impacts of incarceration. TCRC was founded by a returning citizen,  is staffed by returning citizens and people who are sensitive to the needs and requirements of this specific population.

TCRC has served over 900 Returning citizens and their families in various ways in the Philly area and surrounding counties since 2012 and has a current caseload of 233 program participants. In Pennsylvania, approximately 3500 people re-enter society each year. We assist in developing life plans and creating pathways to success.  We begin by exploring employment and education opportunities, addressing housing and relationship issues, time and money management. If you are dedicated to these concepts, be part of TCRC as a program participant, family member, community sponsor, or volunteer!



Contact: 215-223-1680

Location: 3850 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA. 19140