AORTA (Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance)

AORTA is a worker cooperative of trainers devoted to strengthening movements for social justice and a solidarity economy. We work as consultants and facilitators to expand the capacity of cooperative, collective, and community based projects through education, training and planning. We base our trainings on an intersectional approach to liberation because we believe that true change requires uprooting all systems of oppression.

Visions of Liberation

These workshop and consultation topics build our understanding of social movement and cooperative models so that we may incorporate these models and lessons into our work building movements for justice.

Anti-Oppression Education and Consultation

We examine how systems of power, privilege, and oppression operate on individual, institutional, and cultural levels. We seek not only to build analysis and understanding, but also to build tools for action and change.

Building Organizational Capacity

We provide services and trainings to strengthen core skills and build robust and effective organizations.

Further Consulting and Services

We provide individual consultation as well as skilled facilitation of meetings, retreats, and conflict resolution processes.