Pennsylvanians Against Fracking

Pennsylvanians Against Fracking is a statewide coalition of groups representing a diversity of issues, backgrounds and locations, united in the mission of achieving a ban on fracking in the commonwealth.

The first goal of the coalition is to enact a moratorium on fracking throughout Pennsylvania. This halt to drilling must include the following provisions:

• No new wells;
• No new fracking-related infrastructure;
• Comprehensive studies of environmental, health and safety impacts. These studies should be independent of oil and gas industry influence, and peer-reviewed by relevant experts.

We will accomplish our goal through tactics and strategies such as:
• Educating the public of the need for a statewide moratorium;
• Pressuring the governor, the Pennsylvania legislature, and other relevant agencies or decision-makers to institute a statewide moratorium;
• Building the power and diversity of our movement through inclusive and unbiased outreach throughout the state.

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